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Video - Soccer field size compared to the world's largest crane TAISUN

Videos Terex Compaction - Compactors Soccer field size compared to the world's largest crane TAISUN

Duration: 33 seconds
Author: YantaiRaffles
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Soccer field size compared to the world's largest crane TAISUN

A simple animation demonstrating the size of the biggest and strongest crane in the world TAISUN by comparing it to the size of a soccer field. TAISUN marks a new era in offshore construction by allowing offshore vessels to be built in two halves that both can be built on the ground. Building vessels such as semisubmersibles or FPSO in two parts on the ground brings massive improvements in safety, quality, manpower efficiency and also overall project duration, but requires a crane bigger than the world had ever seen. The crane has won several awards, including the ASME Woelfel Best Mechnical Engineering Award, the OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award and a Guinness World Record for lifting the heaviest weight ever by a crane. For more information visit www.yantai-raffles.com

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